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Default Short-handing Code in Lua?

Is there a way to short-hand the code below using an incremental variable to lessen the amount of times to compare items? For this example, increment every location where a '1' is typed??

	elseif string.starts(nameOut, "Special 1") then -- found 'Start' marker
		Song1SMarked = true
		Song1StartMarkerNum = retval
		Song1Title = MkrSegments[2]
		Song1Singer = MkrSegments[3]
		GUI.Val("Song1Tracks", 	MkrSegments[4])
		GUI.Val("Song1Scene", 	MkrSegments[5])
		Song1StartMarkerButtonText = reaper.format_timestr(posOut, "")
		GUI.elms.Song1StartButton.func = EditSong1Start
-- code pattern to repeat....
	elseif string.starts(nameOut, "Special 200") then
		Song200SMarked = true
		Song200StartMarkerNum = retval
		Song200Title = MkrSegments[2]
		Song200Singer = MkrSegments[3]
		GUI.Val("Song200Tracks", MkrSegments[4])
		GUI.Val("Song200Scene", MkrSegments[5])
		Song200StartMarkerButtonText = reaper.format_timestr(posOut, "")
Maybe something like:
	elseif string.starts(nameOut, "Special " .. i) then -- found 'Start' marker
		Song{i}SMarked = true
		Song{i}StartMarkerNum = retval
		Song{i}Title = MkrSegments[2]
		Song{i}Singer = MkrSegments[3]
		GUI.Val("Song" .. i .. "Tracks", MkrSegments[4])
		GUI.Val("Song" .. i .. "Scene", MkrSegments[5])
		Song{i}StartMarkerButtonText = reaper.format_timestr(posOut, "")
		GUI.elms.Song{i}StartButton.func = EditSong{i}Start
I've tried a few different variations, but either it's not possible, or I'm doing it wrong.
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