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Originally Posted by b0se View Post
Hi there,

I love the look of this theme, great work. A slight mod/request for the MCP tracks...



The very subtle mod just adds a highlight line on the left hand side, with a *very* subtle light gradient. We read from left to right, so seeing the highlight on that side gives us a 'root' to base our vision from, marking the start and end of each vertical track. This is especially useful in our peripheral vision (big part of DAW UI/UX).

Stare at the center slider on each version. In the mod your eye/mind will find it easier to identify where each track starts and ends.

Rather than being: fader-meter-fader-meter-fader-meter-fader-meter

It's: fader-meter : fader-meter : fader-meter : fader-meter

P.S. The subtle gradient highlight is only on the track panel 'body' (ends at horizontal sliders), while the single line highlight continues up to the top of the track FX. Just a quick edit so the highlight doesn't follow the curve at the top.

Thin outlines—for the track names—aren't very well suited for peripheral vision. Solid/thick lines root the eye at the base, are easily seen peripherally, and act as a mirror to the top of the FX window (top and bottom 'book ends' around the track). Easier to group tracks visually with solid blocks/lines too. They match the dividers between FX and sends also; consistency = sexy :¬)

Two small changes that make each track 'feel' well defined and contained (from left-right and top-bottom).

FWIW, I used to be a pro UI/UX consultant for global bank/mobile brands. These are great (simple) tricks that keep the user knowing where they are within a UI, making it more usable/enjoyable in the long term. Free to completely ignore all this of course, just my 2c that may or may not be useful.
This is some next level real UI consultancy stuff right here, with good explanation of the 'why' as well.

Yeah, my brain/eyes like your mod a lot more. For some reason it's way easier on the eyes.
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