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Originally Posted by cutnpaste View Post
why is the manual completely ignoring the midi port procedure and not a single word about setting up midi ports. I did a search on the manual it reported 0 items found.
Thank you for the question. To answer:

Because I don't claim to be 100% on top of absolutely everything about every aspect of REAPER all of the time. It is such a powerful fully featured piece of software developing at such a phenomenal rate that I do sometimes overlook things. This was made more challenging by the fact that for most of 2018 I was living in emergency accommodation with only limited PC and internet access because of a flood at my house. I have still not completely cleared the backlog.

That said, I do always appreciate it when people come forward with constructive suggestions, even more so when they help offer solutions. My understanding is that a MIDI Port is simply a socket into which you plug an external MIDI device. I wonder if you mean MIDI buses? If you would be good enough to explain exactly what you mean by "MIDI ports" we can perhaps take it from there.
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