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Regarding this:

Notation editor: support for arbitrary track and note ornaments by entering text notation like "0xE567" for turn, etc (see
This has the potential to be a very power feature. Might I suggest the following:

First, can we combine these hex values with other characters/hex values to create something that appears in the notation view like this:

D♮ C♯ B♭ | E♮ F♯ G♮ A♭
(this is a harp tuning BTW).

Users could simply use # and b for sharps and flats, but using the actual notation font would be much more elegant. I imagine there could be a large number of uses for a feature like this.

Second, can the note or track text menu display the actual symbol and/or a separate description instead of the hex value.

Thus, a text entry of 0xE567 would display an actual turn symbol and/or a description supplied by the user in the map file (probably "turn").
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