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Originally Posted by schwa View Post
Regarding latching triggers, I am thinking the most straightforward thing to do would just be to support triggering the channel and expression mappings from track notation. The mappings would then apply to all notes until the next track notation trigger occurs. For this to work we would also need a "clear track mappings" track message to turn off currently latched mappings.

The most straightforward way to have the latched track mappings interact with note mappings would be just to apply the track mapping first, then the note mapping.
I think this sounds good! Although it places some extra pressure for track notation to become a first-class citizen inside the piano roll. At the moment it doesn't seem to respond to nudge commands or move together with the notes after select all to name the first things that come to mind, but hopefully that's coming.

Also thinking forward, it'll be important for editing to be able to replicate the latest track notation at split points when editing. I think ideally this would be a native option in REAPER, as well as doing it for CC, effectively replicating Cubase's IMHO essential "Editing / MIDI / Split MIDI Controllers" preference. But as long as scripts can access the track notation to do this, it would work fine as a script-assisted feature as well.
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