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Originally Posted by Soli Deo Gloria View Post
Some further suggestions :

1) In the notation text lane, articulations are mixed with other types of notation events, which is anything but clear, I think, from the point of view of articulation handling. A dedicated articulation lane is really needed in my opinion.

2) The above statement leads me to think that some kind of lane similar to the media item lane would be very useful (with the ability to draw colored bars to cover the span of each articulation). I know that what Im saying is also similar to the way Cubase deals with expression maps in its MIDI Editor, but I cannot think of a more convenient option. Such a lane could reflect the loaded articulation map, of course. Im just thinking aloud, but maybe its worth considering it. Sorry if you have already explained somewhere that this is not going to happen for some reason...

3) Something simple : actions to insert/show contextual menu of each type of articulation and to remove them (Im thinking about notation text when used to switch articulations, which doesnt seem have its corresponding actions)
I agree and 2) sounds like a great idea
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