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Originally Posted by schwa View Post
That articulation map won't load at present for a couple of reasons -- it needs whitespace before the : and the text articulations need to be specified as "note text stab" etc rather than "note articulation stab".

But if you fix those things and load the articulation map, you will then see all of your articulations appear as context menu actions in the notation editor and piano roll (in the piano roll when right-clicking a note, under "notation", or right-clicking the notation event lane, under "note").

In fact the loaded articulations are available as actions for shortcuts and toolbar buttons too, but there's no UI for assigning these yet.
Thank you kindly sir... I'll go work on that and I appreciate the key word at the end, "yet"... makes me imagine there will be a way someday.


Do I understand this correctly: where you say use "note text stab" for example, I am thinking now it could be "note text sb" or stb or whatever, because whatever text comes after "note text ____ " will be the text that gets entered into the notation ... yes? so insted of Cresc Short I could use CrSh...

Hoping this is true
...should be fixed for the next build...

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