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Thank you very much for the reply!

Wow, very impressive implementation! Iīll sure study your manuals (yep, I read them all) and try Live Configs.

"...Take a look at the Midi routing ("bus") options in the Reaper documentation and take a look at the multiple midi JSFX plugins provided."

I forgot the JSFX... Iīll search it.

"But for special purposes you supposedly will need to do a dedicated JSFX creating the midi data stream."

I have no clue on how to do that...

"Which audio interface ? The sound supposed to where ?"

I use an old Fast Track Ultra. Well, it may sound silly, but I even try to send a sample click via audio cable :P to the Music Pad because a noticed that the MP pedal uses a simple cable p10/p2 (itīs the names here in Brazil for the audio cables, sorry, I donīt know how they are called in other countries) to send the signal for the MP.
I think I donīt need to tell I failed miserably in achieving the result I want.

The big problem is that there is no MIDI input on MP so I was thinking if there is a equipment that transforms MIDI CC in to the type of signal that is produced by the pedal, So I could use markers and actions to trigger the turn pages command.

The back entries of the MP is here on second page of this little manual:

I canīt use the USB inputs to turn pages (I think). They are used to transfer music score files with the computer. (actually, the USB 1 is for storage and USB 2 is for transfering files) The tiny P2 input is what I have (I think, I can be wrong) to send the "turn page" command.

"Moreover the "patch" thingy could be extended to send (Midi) signals to the pad when the next song or song position is stepped to."

That is exactly the thing Iīm after! I discover with MIDI OX that the signal of the pedal is identical to any sustain/switch (Iīve change the p2/p10 cable with simple p10 cable, and plugged it on my keyboard, the MIDI OX says the MIDI data is the same), so I have to send something (I have no clue if it is audio or something else) for the "p2 Input" on Music Pad to turn the pages. OR buy some equipment that converts MIDI CC to that type of signal.
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