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Originally Posted by israeltandrade View Post
Hi! Itīs my first time here, so if it is not the best place to put this kind of discussion, please tell me and I move it.
A warm welcome to you.

Originally Posted by israeltandrade View Post
I use Reaper to play live and it is perfect!
You might want to try SWS "Live Configs" to make it even more perfect .
I do this very happily, dropping any thought about any other "VSTi player" software once I found Reaper.
I wrote an extended documentation on that behalf and drafted some programs that can be used to easily step along song structures by a midi controller and / or laptop keyboard shortcuts.
If you like reading documentation:

Originally Posted by israeltandrade View Post
Is that a way I can send a command to the MusicPad
Of course Reaper can send Midi messages. Take a look at the Midi routing ("bus") options in the Reaper documentation and take a look at the multiple midi JSFX plugins provided. But for special purposes you supposedly will need to do a dedicated JSFX creating the midi data stream.

Originally Posted by israeltandrade View Post
Anyway to send something of the audio interface?
Which audio interface ? The sound supposed to where ?

Regarding the Pedal: How is this (intended to be) connected to the PC ? Is it connected to an USB or Midi enabled controller or Keyboard ?

The "patch" software I did could (be extended to) use such a pedal as an input for stepping songs or song positions with pre-configured LiveConfigs patches ("Lines"). Moreover the "patch" thingy could be extended to send (Midi) signals to the pad when the next song or song position is stepped to.


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