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Default Reaper in Live (Send Signal for Music Pad)

Hi! Itīs my first time here, so if it is not the best place to put this kind of discussion, please tell me and I move it.

I use Reaper to play live and it is perfect! (snapshots, actions and markers are great for this!) I used to change the track selections (this would select different channels and different sounds to play) with a switch pedal on my keyboard controller, so I discover thet I can make Reaper do it for me automatically (markers on the project with actions, because my band work with click in live situations)

NOW, I was just thinking... I have a pedal to send the next page command on my score sheet tablet, the MusicPad Pro:

Is that a way I can send a command to the MusicPad by the marker function? The pedal is this:

Anyway to send something of the audio interface? Or something that could convert the MIDI CC to the signal of the same type that is sent by the pedal?

If it was possible, I would not have to press the pedal when the music reachs the point of the marker.

Thanks for the attention!

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