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@daxliniere Looks like <REAPER Resource Path>/ReaPack/registry.db was created using v0.8's format. Delete it so it can be recreated for v0.9+ (compatible with latest v0.10 as well).

Originally Posted by daxliniere View Post
Also, some little things about that message:
-remove â€" from window title
-occurred has 2 Rs
-'has' should be 'have'
(-maybe 'names' should be 'named'??)
Thanks! Fixed â€", the typo in occurred, and a big bug in string handling on windows (found while trying to figure out where the S in "named" could have come from)!

has -> That's SQLite's message, won't fix. EDIT: It's actually third person singular: "entries" just happens to be the name of the table.
names -> Scary mystery. Don't know where the D went. It's there in the code (sqlite's), and it displays fine on my computer (and here). It might be some kind of memory corruption bug...

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