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ReaPack v0.10-beta and reapack-index v1.0beta4

Lots of bug fixes, enhancements and new features for users and developers.

Note: As a side-effect of upgrading, some settings will be lost and the default repositories will switch to "Disabled" state.

Version names containing letters are considered as "pre-release".
With "Bleeding edge" mode OFF (default), stable version to pre-release updates are ignored (but available).

Per-file type override

@heda, @IXix:
-- script.lua
-- @provides
--   [effect] Some FX to install along with the script.jsfx
Path globbing

The indexer supports path globbing (wildcards) in the @provides tag:
-- @provides lib/*.{lua,eel}
Packaging documentation

Moved to the public wiki and updated:

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