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Hi all,

I hope you're all having a great day.

I just wanted to share 2 things with you today. The first is the latest addition to my YouTube Channel.

Introduction to Mixing - Part 1

Introduction to Mixing with Reaper DAW - Part 1 - Guitars.

This video introduces this short series on the basics of mixing using Cockos Reaper and concentrates on the basics of mixing rock / metal / distorted guitars.

Using stock Reaper plug-ins, the video looks at the usage of ReaEQ and ReaComp.

The video also briefly explains the purpose of EQ'ing and the purpose behind removing unwanted frequencies.

The second, is the launch of my new website for all of my Reaper and Audio Production videos and tutorials - Reaper TV -

Please subscribe to the YouTube Channel and check out the new website, it is much appreciated as is your feedback and support. :0)
FREE Reaper Tutorials available on my YouTube Channel - Please visit and Subscribe. -
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