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I've spent lots of lost hours on this issue and it seems like there's no other solution, except for devs adding soft takeover for built-in ReaperOSC commands.
One could add extra flag, telling the script that the value was set by Reaper or by physical pot, so it would be possible to soft takeover the value for the pot, that was previously set by Reaper, but, as soon as you'd assign another control to send panorama adjust command, you'll immediately need another flag for it. And another one. And another. The more unique controls you want to use for the same parameter adjustment, the more flags should be implemented into the code.
Otherwise, there's no way to tell the script, is the value was previously adjusted by Reaper or by the same midi control, that just simply jumped too fast and didn't sent each continuous value to the script, despite of it's purpose (CC - continuous control).
So, soft takeover logic should be implemented on the Reaper's side.
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