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Originally Posted by schwa View Post
Hey far out. That blurs the distinction between midi plugins (like humanization, remapping, etc) and Reaper built-in processing actions.
You bet - that's why I asked for it.
The fact is that REAPER could already do this, but only by recording midi output in realtime. Still a great option really.

I asked for it mainly to cut down the time needed to produce the result.

What I didn't realise at the time - when I was basically asking for a luxury rather than a necessity - was that it would end up in the very next release, a day or so later. Maybe he was already going to do it, I don't know, but it seemed bloody impressive to me.

The solution doesn't replace some functionality that could be there for midi editing, but it does handle quite a bit, and with the ability for anyone to just create new and unique JS midi plug-ins without having to struggle with the VST standard and the various available compilers and associated headaches, it means that we can have a great deal of midi editing power at our disposal with the flexibility to apply it in more than one way.

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