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Originally Posted by jamesd256 View Post
Thanks Geoff, I see about the VU data. I might see about how to use that on some encoder LEDS.

Everything is working on startup now. Seems the issue was changing stuff via preferences didn't leave CSI able to get the messages through, at least on the BCR.

Things seem ok when Reaper starts with the desired config.

FYI Right now I have this CSI.ini:

MidiInMonitor On
MidiOutMonitor On
VSTMonitor On

Page GreenPage FollowMCP NoSynchPages NoTrackColoring 75 255 166
MidiSurface BCR 1 2 BCR2000.mst BCR2000.axt BCR2000
MidiSurface BCF 0 1 MCU.mst MCU.axt MCU
Midi/VST monitoring adversely affects performance, I would turn it off unless needed for debugging, or learning the names of VST params.

Originally Posted by jamesd256 View Post
Is there support for long press now or planned?
Yup, just like you can use Shift+SomeButton, you can use Hold+Somebutton.

Originally Posted by jamesd256 View Post
What are your thoughts on elegant track folder navigation? Klinke's folder mode is good but not perfect for me. I like that the CSI MCU follows the Mixer view, but showing only tracks in a folder and having a way to drill in and out would also be good (I can see mapping a button to 40080: "Mixer: Toggle show folder tracks in mixer" would be a start)
Definitely planned, but have not not much in depth thinking yet

CSI can follow Track or Mixer, it's set in the Page config -- more options planned for later.

For now, at least you can map that Reaper Action, it's a start
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