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Originally Posted by schwa View Post
What specific messages are you seeing?
Pasted from Pure data console (emphasis added):
SC input: /track/4/name Track 12
OSC input: /track/4/number 12
OSC input: /track/4/volume 0.716
OSC input: /track/4/level 0.00dB
OSC input: /track/4/db 0.00
OSC input: /track/4/panmode 
OSC input: /track/4/pan2 0.5
unpackOSC: Path doesn't begin with "/", dropping message
OSC input: /track/4/pan 0.5
OSC input: /track/4/panval C
OSC input: /track/4/mute 1
OSC input: /track/4/mutetoggle 1
OSC input: /track/5/name Track 13

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