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Originally Posted by Banned View Post
I don't understand what I'm seeing currently in reaper-osc-actions.ini
The pattern config file maps OSC messages to specific control surface actions, using a simple wildcard system. Separately, any OSC message can be bound to a REAPER's action or FX learn systems, regardless of whether it has any mapping in the pattern config file (you would normally want to bind messages that don't already have a pattern mapping, to avoid collisions.)

Whatever message the device sends when the action shortcut or FX learn dialog is open, will be bound to that action or FX parameter. In your example it happened to be /action/950, which is confusing because that would already have triggered the same action via the default pattern config file. A more realistic example would be /trackfx/1.

In other words, you could skip the pattern config file entirely, not care about using the OSC device as a defined control surface, and instead just map messages to actions and FX learn the same way you could map an extended keyboard or any MIDI device. Or, you can have the device set up as a control surface, and additionally map controls to actions/FX learn at run-time (just as you would keyboard shortcuts) without having to reload the pattern config file.
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