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Originally Posted by Anton9 View Post
Yeah, his pioneering work with 'The Hands' was done way back in the 80s' I wish STEIM's software was available for Windows though.
Or for Intel Macs even, in some cases... But it does run on my old hackint0sh. When I talked them about that, they said that anyone willing and able to help porting to Windows would be welcome, but they can't really offer much more than e.g. an intern position (for computer science students or such), since they'rea non-profit organization. As such, they always had to fight for their existence, currently more so than ever, in a political and economical climate with decreasing subsidies for the arts (especially the experimental/pioneering stuff). It's still an amazingly inspiring place nevertheless... and the non-profit price for beer is pretty awesome, too (so that's where the subsidies go, heh).

Apologies for wandering OT, STEIMs pioneering work deserved a little mention.
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