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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
Well, there is a way to get access to those indexes, but.....

It will require an FXZone format change...

The original thinking was to simplify the file formats as much as possible for the user.

That's why we used FXParam Name.

It'a actually a PITA code wise.

FX don't allow you to query an index unless the FX is live -- that is you have a working instance of it inserted somewhere.

What really happens is the Zone Activation on a particular FX (yay, we have a live one) causes the FXParam name to be used to look up the index, but as you point out it takes the first one it encounters.

Now, I doubt I would mention this if folks had to enter this manually -- too much room for error, but we have an opportunity to fix this now that you've done such great work with the Configurator tool.

Here's what I propose for the new format:

Zone "VST: ReaComp (Cockos)"
	Threshold FXParam 0 Thresh "Thrsh"
	Attack FXParam 2 Attack
	Release FXParam 3 Release "Rel"
	Ratio FXParam 1 Ratio
	Compressor FXParam 19 Bypass "Byp"
	Parallel FXParam 20 Wet
Now if we could just find those indices.

Aha, they are right in front of us

It's simply the order they appear.

The first one is 0, the next 1, the next 2, etc.

So you could simply use the index of the dropdown(or something similar) to auto gen the numbers needed for the new format.

I was hoping this duplicates problem wasn't that bad, but we're getting far too many anecdotes this early, better to fix it now and be done with it, what do you think folks ?
Geoff you are a mind of knowledge and a freaking genius,

MixMonkey just when you thought C4FXconfig was sorted...

I hope it's not going to be a total painITA to add the numeric's?
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