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Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
Does the RotaryPush activate the Zone associated with the FX named in FXNameDisplay?
Yes, well, Slot actually.

This is the first way of managing FX that allows for more than one instance of the same FX on a Track.

So, to be precise, the RotaryPush Activates the Zone AT the INDEX, indicated by the place it occupies on the row -- A1, A2, A3...

So if the 4 FX were on row A of the C4:

La2a - ReaComp - ReaEQ - ReaComp

You could access the 2nd instance of the ReaComp in Slot 4.

You can't do that with SelectedTrack mapping, that's more for things like Console1, etc.

FXMenu is kind of like an amalgamation of Focused and Selected, if that makes any sense
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