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Originally Posted by Splaaat View Post
I just gave this a quick test run.

I couldn't get the 'Mixer' section to run. (Volume faders, Input, Solo, Mute etc)

I got most of the buttons (Mixer View, Insert MIDI etc) working, including transport. Zoom/Scroll etc didn't work.

Ports being used are 8000/9000.
What version on Reaper are you using ? There seems to be a problem with the last RC2 release, but i don't know if it related to my ReaperOsc file or to the release.
Some buttons did not work because the action id use in my Reaper theme (Reaborn) probably didn't match your Reaper action id. This is the limitation of the full customisation of Reaper.
I will put in the future a pdf to explain how to modify the action to fit every Reaper mod.

I also tested LogicPad in TouchOSC to test the connection, which worked quite surprisingly well.

Appreciate your work so far.
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