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Originally Posted by Subz View Post
Here is my Submission for the Smaller iDevices (iPod, iPhone)

this can not be used at all, or a tiny bit can be used i don't care personally

feel free to update &/or shear as you wish

.ReaperOSC file included
Looking excellent!!
What I notice:
If the MTC is not open the OSC is not working properly. Track names are not shown, volume works per track but not the balance.
I don't understand why clicking results in play+pause? Why not just a separate pause button (just like reaper has)?

Otherwise: just what the doctor ordered!!
I regret the fact that the editor doesn't work for android devices (I have an android smartphone) and please enlarge the interface for iPad.

I find Johnrule's remarks (in another thread) about flat controllers quite sensible. But as a quick pad next to my midi controller, especially for the quick moving around of the project, this is excellent.
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