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Art Evans
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I've just been using this, which might be handy for someone else, to go through a load of items and insert markers for each one named according to the item filename -

In "ReaperScript DIY" utility, this string will insert a track marker at the start of an item (which must be the only one currently selected) using the filename of the item -


Which means...

Show the item properties for the selected item
Copy the filename
Exit the properties dialog
Go to the start of the item
Create and edit a marker there
Start the name with # for a track marker
Paste in the filename
Backspace out the filename extension

The number of {bs} commands at the end may need to be varied according the extension of the filename, which they backspace out - the example is correct for ".wav" but you need one less {bs} if the extension is ".wv".

The point of this is to use the item name as CD text for each track when you render and burn.
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