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Hmmmm...not quite sure if I get your point, but:

The prefix can be useful in combination with the filter, since filtering can also be applied to pre-selected folders. Say, I am a collector of EQ plugins and have created a user-defined folder "EQ". Selecting this folder, I see a very long list of EQ plugins - VST, DX and JS. If, for some reason, I want to further restrict the selection to one of these three types, I can use the prefix in order to do so (e.g. by typing "DX" in the filter field). Also, the prefix lets you search for a particular plugin by type (VSTi, DX, whatever) right from the "All Plugins" top level. This is a good feature, since the FX browser opens in the "All Plugins" display mode by default and I might be too lazy to click my way through all the folders, so I use "VSTi", "DX"... as a filter instead.
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