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Originally Posted by stratman View Post
I’m Pete and live in Woking, Surrey.

I'm an engineer for my day job and specialise in antenna design.


Hey, Pete, I'm an amateur radio and antenna freak! Got a 3 element home made yagi beam in my loft! And an also home made 40 metre band loop antenna on my living room table, 3 feet square! Works amazingly well. A design from Practical Wireless. Dipoles dangling out of my window, vertical on my roof, one for 2 meters, one for the illegal 27.555 11 metre band Don't tell the authorities, I have 900 QSL cards from all over the world on sideband on that band USA when the propogation was good, mostly Europe in the summer on E layer propogation.. Not CB, which is full of nutters, but SSB, millions of good people there. Knowledgeable, polite, always there in the summer even when the 10 meter band is totally silent. 5 and 9 to Australia on 4 watts Also do meteor bouncing (morse of course, can send 25 words a minute, receive much slower). I have a lovely Icom radio. 73 Nev.
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