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Originally Posted by babag View Post
found the y position. it's in the 'for' loop at 'button_width, 0'. changing the 0 changes the y position. got a crash when i tried to run two 'for' loops, though, to get a second row.
- What message does the crash give you? Knowing the error it found and the line number can often tell you exactly what the problem was.

- I recommend using the alternate syntax for creating elements, as seen here. v3 of the GUI will only use that format because it's way easier to deal with.

(Don't forget to pass your elements to GUI.CreateElms if you do use that approach)

- Rather than two loops, you could put all of the buttons in a single list and then use some math to manage your rows:
local button_width = 32
local button_height = 24
local buttons_per_row = 8

for k, v in ipairs(toolbar_buttons) do
    (k - 1) * button_width, -- x
    math.floor(k / buttons_per_row0) *  button_height, -- y
    button_width, -- w
    button_height, -- h
    function() reaper.Main_OnCommand(v.command, 0) end
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