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When you make a "monitor track" and select record disable (monitor only), there will not be any items being created in that track. There won't ever be any items to listen to in that track.

You make two tracks in this scenario and assign their inputs to the same hardware channel.
One track is your recording bin and stays muted. Takes stack up in lanes as you record them. You never listen to any of them in this track.
The other track is your monitor track for live input.

You create different permanent tracks for your mix. You don't ever record into your mix tracks. You fly takes into them from your recording bin. (And all the pissing around with record monitor switching, punching techniques, and all the crap that came with limited track counts and generational reduction concerns with analog tape decks simply doesn't exist anymore. )

Works for me. Fastest method to get from point A to point B. You can keep up with an overdubbing client (or yourself) and never have to say "hold on a sec". The comp features and analog workflow simulation features are time wasters IMHO.
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