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When I record "DAW style" with takes stacking up in lanes like that, I use a "recording bin" (my term) track that stays muted. I fly takes I like down into "arrangement tracks" as I get takes I like. (I use the move item vertically up/down shortcuts that are default mapped to the numeric keypad.)

If I monitor overdubs through the mixer built into one of my interfaces... nothing more to do.

If I need to do some live performance through the DAW and thus need low latency settings for live sound/performance, I'll make a separate monitor track that lets me hear the live input. This is record disabled (monitor only). The recording bin track stays muted.

The "arrangement tracks" are literally the tracks you make that will be used in the mix. You fly takes into them as you get takes you like.

You can always grab an alternate take from the recording bin. They stack up in lanes in the order you recorded them (and they have the time/date stamp unless you've changed that file naming default).

Hope that helps!

This isn't a "Reaper workflow" per say but my general "DAW workflow". The Reaper lanes feature just really lends itself to this style.
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