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Seems like im having same bug

for example:
resizing track with action
SWS/wol: Adjust envelope or track height under mouse cursor (MIDI CC relative/mousewheel)
takes about 1.5 sec per single height adjust (one small step)

bug occurs with 80+ tracks (most of them are collapsed into folders and muted, so basically shouldn't be even drawn every refresh I think?)
when I hide most of them in track manager on tcp, it's back to normal... but i need have this tracks laying around

also video (with ffmpeg) are a bit laggy from time to time. It's not "instant". Sometimes it takes like 2 secounds to video start showing picture

My setup:
4k display
dual cpu intel xeon x5660
42 gb ram
geforce 750 ti

i have tried i think every settings tweak i considered and found in this thread too. nothing works
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