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Originally Posted by Freex View Post
Hey Geoff,

I've made progress.... (small steps working on 2 knobs A1 & A2)

I have
2 working DisplayUpper
2 working DisplayLower
2 working rotaries

But the RotaryPush is giving me trouble...
I have it as a Push Button the FB is working as i can see on/off on table when i make change in reaper but doesn't work from tablet.
Although I see the input being sent.
C4emu /RotaryPushA1 1.000000
C4emu /RotaryPushA1 0.000000

any ideas
Cool, progress.

Have a look at the example .touchosc files, see how the pushbuttons are set up, no local feedback checked, etc. and match those properties, see if that works for you.
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