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Originally Posted by Mr. Green View Post
Big possibilities if this is doable. :-)

Edit: how do you pin a track?
Zone Channel|1-8
	DisplayUpper|  TrackNameDisplay
	DisplayLower|  TrackPanDisplay
	TrackTouch+DisplayLower|  TrackVolumeDisplay
	RotaryPush| GoZone PanWidth|
	Rotary| TrackPan 0
	RecordArm|  TrackRecordArm
	Solo|  TrackSolo
	Mute| TrackMute
	Select|  TrackUniqueSelect
	Shift+Select|  TrackRangeSelect
	Control+Select|  TrackSelect
	Shift+Control+Select| TogglePin
	Fader|  TrackVolume
	TrackTouch+Fader|  TrackVolume
	FaderTouch|  TrackTouch
Note that the button has to be in a Channel, otherwise it wouldn't know which Track to Pin
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