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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
WOW, you got there quickly !

In order for Reaper to cause the OSC surface to go to the right page, it must be named explicitly and EXACTLY -- it's the equivalent of the FX name in the .zon file -- it must be exact.

So, since spaces are disallowed, you end up with the same as the filename, a pretty ugly thing.

Now, think url.

You will see things like

Widget Home/ShowFXWindows
	Control /Home/ShowFXWindows
	FB_Processor /Home/ShowFXWindows

Widget VST__UAD_Ampeg_SVTVR_Classic__Universal_Audio__Inc__/Input
	Control /VST__UAD_Ampeg_SVTVR_Classic__Universal_Audio__Inc__/Input
	FB_Processor /VST__UAD_Ampeg_SVTVR_Classic__Universal_Audio__Inc__/Input

Zone Home
	OnTrackSelection MapSelectedTrackFXToWidgets
	Home/ShowFXWindows SetShowFXWindows

Zone "VST: UAD Lexicon 224 (Universal Audio, Inc.)"
	VST__UAD_Lexicon_224__Universal_Audio__Inc__/Program FXParam 0
	VST__UAD_Lexicon_224__Universal_Audio__Inc__/Bass FXParam 1
	VST__UAD_Lexicon_224__Universal_Audio__Inc__/Mid FXParam 2
	VST__UAD_Lexicon_224__Universal_Audio__Inc__/Crossover FXParam 3
	VST__UAD_Lexicon_224__Universal_Audio__Inc__/Treble_Decay FXParam 4
	VST__UAD_Lexicon_224__Universal_Audio__Inc__/Depth FXParam 5
	Toggle+VST__UAD_Lexicon_224__Universal_Audio__Inc__/Rear_Outs FXParam 10
	Toggle+VST__UAD_Lexicon_224__Universal_Audio__Inc__/Mode_Enh FXParam 13
	Toggle+VST__UAD_Lexicon_224__Universal_Audio__Inc__/Decay_Opt FXParam 16
	Toggle+VST__UAD_Lexicon_224__Universal_Audio__Inc__/Wet_Solo FXParam 12
Looks a bit intimidating, but if you treat the part before the slash as a url, most of which you ignore, you see the actual familiar structure -- Program FXParam 0, etc.

OK, now use the editor to load the .touchosc layouts in CSI/Touch OSC Layouts

Now take a look at CSI/Surfaces/OSC/TouchOSC.ost

See how the names cross-reference.

OK last part, take a look at CSI/Zones/TouchOSCPad.zon and CSI/Zones/TouchOSCPhone.zon, see how this works ?

It's really the same as Midi, just a little bent -- you end up with a larger .ost file as compared to Midi, and you also need to make pages for the OSC device.

Yours will look a lot simpler for the C4 screen

Widget Home/RotaryD1
	Control /Home/RotaryD1
	FB_Processor /Home/RotaryD1

Zone Home
	Home/RotaryD1 someAction
Let me know how it goes.
I sure that all makes sense, but I'm lost....

I started to reverse engineer to try and understand whats going on,

but did you say the FXzone files will need to be different for OSC and MIDI
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