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At rehearsal, the musician says, "Play the five." That is really ambiguous and depends on a lot of context.
But I would say that if well communicated by the speaker, the context has always, when I've been present, made it not ambiguous. It depends on the context, but then the context serves to prevent ambiguousness.

I get what you're saying, and I do appreciate the desire to not stick with old language for a purpose it doesn't serve well. But I'm more or less in the camp that in the hands of good communicators there are far less issues than with a perfect language in the hands of less good communicators. When I'm with people who can express themselves well there's rarely any problems in musical communication, especially given that context is king.

If we beat into the heads of people how to convey the music clearly it may be better than changing the language so that the poor conveyers can keep trashing its revised form into submission.

Or maybe not.
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