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Originally Posted by coolbass View Post
This shows how foolish it is to discuss these things without musical meaning, context and understanding. When you discuss chords, you talk about harmony, not numbers without musical context. A chord symbol with both a b5 and #11 is never used, because it makes no sense. It also does not say in what octave these notes should be played. There are a lot of inversions possible. It just describes the chord harmony, not the order or octave these notes should be played in. You would never describe the same chord tone twice with a different number.
There are a lot of inversions possible.
I'm glad you got the point.
Now, in my "example 5 min. piece" addressed in previous post, play me the Amaj7 chrod from it. No, not that inversion... no, not that, I meant an inversion... not that inversion. Apparently we got lost in standard chord notation.

What if I meant Amaj7 in standard root inversion, but... each of its 4 notes is in a different "octave" range?!

I do not see any problems with pointing out obvious discrepancies in something considered to be "standard", "traditional" or "well established".
Piano keyboard kept me away from going to a Music College and study Music. Traditional notation and nomenclature was the final brick in that wall that kept me away.
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