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Originally Posted by adelgado View Post
I record multitrack from a Behringer X32 to a Windows 10 laptop using Reaper. I am attempting to edit the project on my Linux PC using Reaper for Linux.

I can open the project and see the tracks fine. The tracks all say offline. I attempt to create a new project and import any one of the media files. When I look at the properties I see: "Unknown file header"

I can view the project on another Windows PC I can see/hear everything fine. Any ideas?

Thank you!
If your audio files are normal .wav files, you should be able to just clone them to the new location along with the project file. How are you getting this Windows project into your Linux machine? If it is on a flash drive, are all the .wav files also on it?

I use a dual boot Windows/Linux machine and all my REAPER projects are on a second physical drive that both Windows and Linux can access, so either system I just navigate to the folder where a project lives and it will load on either version of REAPER.
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