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No problems here, running DrumGizmo as a Linux VST in Reaper (installed from KXStudio repo). My system info is in my signature. (Using AntiX kernel currently since it has the Spectre/Meltdown fixes. But my system performed the same with the stock MX kernel.)

Some DrumGizmo kits use all 16 channels of audio all the time for every kit piece hit (or 13 channels). It's because of the intentional use of "bleed". That means all mics (for every kit piece) were recording all channels when for instance the snare was hit. Instead of just recording snare top/bottom (and maybe OH/room), every single channel of audio is used all the time. When playing back kits like that, they take more CPU. Also if the samples are lengthy (long decay), that means the audio is processing longer for all samples when triggered.

If you're using resampling in DrumGizmo, maybe consider turning that off and instead set your project's sample rate to match what the drumkit sample rate is. That should help.

There are also some options in Reaper under audio -> buffering (in particular the anticipative fx settings) you might want to try. "Allow on tracks with open MIDI editors" might help.

Oh also: is your CPU's frequency scaling governor set to "performance", to keep its processing speed high? That's kind of important. (It's like using Windows "power profile" set to "high performance".)

I have some high quality kits that I was going to release for DrumGizmo (for free), which don't have "bleed" (just proximity/OH/room mic channels, and their length is purposely kept only as long as necessary, so they use less CPU and also sound great), but I'm waiting to hear about DrumGizmo's development of the next version. Currently it doesn't round-robin properly. That is intended to be remedied in the next version. I'll probably have to redo some of the XML files with whatever is done in the new format, to allow for this functionality. It's best with round-robin functionality, and currently I'm using a separate "round robin" plugin to alternate samples, but I doubt most people would want to use it that way (having it just work properly in DrumGizmo would make things simpler). So I'm holding off for a bit.
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