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Originally Posted by krahosk View Post
What about the simple and elegant way of adding articulations through actions?

IF actions included:
"insert note at C-1" to "insert note at G9" (ALL the notes)

We could:
insert at least all the keyswitches through a comprehensive and custom floating toolbar.

If actions included:
"insert MIDI CC [all of them]", then the custom toolbar would be complete.

I could finally make my custom guitar fret toolbar in which I could combine actions to insert notes according to string and fret number.

would require that the action allows auditioning of the inserted note.
The method above would require a user to input new keyswtiches, CC values, and channel changes whenever he/she changed patches or instruments.

The key benefit of an articulation mapper is that you can mix and match instruments without having to redo every articulation. For example, if I write a melody line for a trumpet which contains staccatos, legato, and other articulations, I should be able to copy that MIDI data (including notation) into another part (say a violin section) and simply load the violin articulation map to trigger the right samples.

The other benefit is that the user can create the articulation mapper once and not have to worry about it again. The above method would require me to reference relevant keyswitches, CCs, etc. A mapper that does this for the user would be a huge time saver.
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