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Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
You're not looking in the right places

Polyphonic Key Pressure (Aftertouch)
Channel Pressure (Aftertouch)

So, the industry standard says it's fine to use both
OK thanks for the info.

Do you think we can add the parentheses?

Channel Pressure (After-touch)

I just checked Cakewalk and Cubase they are both listing it as aftertouch.
and before you make a wise crack emoji ( and stick your tongue out )
I know this is reaper but if other DAWs are saying aftertouch it might make sense to a user who migrates from Cakewalk or Cubase to reaper to stay in the naming schema.

( The object of software ( Reaper ) is not to confuse a user, it to make migration easier. )

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