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Originally Posted by svoufff View Post
The rt version is working fine.I can go down to a buffer size of 128 (still 3 periods , 48k sampling rate) and get 22 to 26% DSP load with 4 saxophones playing at same time, which is very promising.

Overriding wininet.dll with different native versions didn't help or lead to crash unfortunately.But I missed something from the start.When Reaper starts initialization, output stalls for 15 seconds after the message jack: activated client.Then it outputs Could not connect to Server, and only then the DSSI VST plugin server starts.
Whatever Linvst build, I stumble on this.
Full Reaper output is here :
I think maybe (I can't be totally sure) that the wininet errors are causing multiple retries to load the vst due to wininet connection timeouts.

I've tried overriding wininet on other vst's and I did get it working but not all versions of the winnet dll worked from what I remember.

I seem to have used a wininet 64 bit dll from dll-files and also a iertutil dll.

The wininet dll I used was 1,032,704 bytes in size (I've got it stored on a flash drive).

I've just checked, it's the 64bit 7.0.6001.18639 0.98 MB at

The iertutil dll was 64bit 7.0.6001.18639 0.36 MB at

I don't know if it will work with your particular vst and system.

Also some people seem to get a Wine initial delay when Wine is started the first time on a new boot and it can cause multiple retries to load a vst and something that can help is to run winecfg before using Wine based programs (or LinVst or whatever).

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