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Blimey Deric,

You really are a long way into the whole universal style map, reading inbetween the lines. This is great progress. Many thanks in advance.

I'll go about constructing a list of the obvious stuff to take the pressure off your shoulders if you like.

I'd like to suggest that as many of the buttons at the top of the controller (above the encoders)could be made user definable using the method N42 used with his Alphatrack improvements. This way, there would be no quibbling about their function. Anything programmable as a keyboard short-cut could be implemented.
That would give us 28 accessible short-cuts at the touch of a button!

It would also reduce the burden on Deric.

Then we could discuss the implementation of the buttons on the right, in the "Song, Windows, Markers, Numeric Keypad etc.

I should make the point that so far this thread has attracted 475 viewings.
Also, typing "Houston MIDI" into Google brings this thread into view as the second most visited link.

I'm pretty sure that many of these are from Houston owners, so I'd like to invite other Houston users to post in an associated thread with their views on how best to utilise these buttons.

Your thoughts Gentleman?

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