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I have another question about global actions.

First I map global button 1 to select track 1.

Then I map nanopad2 button 1 to klinke global 1 action.

It works every time from the nanopad2 if I use key (obviously)

But if I use button, as required you would think for long presses, it selects every second press, and doesn't work for long presses (trying to navigate folder mode on the nanopad)

Edit: I have also now tried merging the nanopad2 midi data directly into the input port feeding klinke, and it seems the issue is maybe that global actions cannot pass long press events on to their target mapping


All working great!

Nanopad2 needs to have all buttons set up as momentary controllers, then in REAPER these are mapped to the klinke global actions as 'key' not button. The you map the 'actual' global buttons/combos (on the TouchDaw in my case) to the REAPER / Klinke action you want with button. All REAPER mappings are in absolute mode.

Now I have everything in klinke in hardware with the TouchDaw for the odd multi-touch fader work, and crucially the labelling of tracks, actions and parameters.

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