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Originally Posted by misc100 View Post
Just checking 'cos I'm not very good at this stuff.

This update can be used with BCF in mackie mode?
Currently I have v0.8.2.3 dev 9.12

I notice this is not a .dll file as the others were??
If I should update how do I use this and please, bear with me and tell me where to put it .... all jokes accepted (rests chin on chest, stares at floor and sniffs).
Yes, this update can be used also for the BCF in mackie mode, the features are the same then in older 0.8 versions. And the .dll is in the zip-Archive, but also the updated manual and new FX maps (which are optional). If you have no need for the FX maps, just replace the current .dll file with the file from the archive.
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