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Good song Mike. I think you sound like Peter Gabriel, but my wife thinks it sounds more like Pink Floyd (hopefully Iíve not said the wrong thing).

Iíd like to have a go at making a contribution, but Iím afraid it might take a few weeks. Iíve got various other projects on the go and I keep getting distracted.

I did drag it into Reaper and Iíve worked out what I think is the arrangement. Let me know if Iíve got it wrong. See below.

I was thinking of playing around with the MP3, just to generate some rough ideas. To work out the tempo I snipped off the front (sorry) so it starts exactly on the first beat. Then it seems to synchronize with a 120bpm click. Is this correct?

Where were you thinking of inserting the up tempo bit? On a 120bpm count, I notice youíve got the snare on the 4th beat of the bar which gives it a half time type of feel. A section with the snare on the 2 and the 4 would create the up tempo effect. Is this what you had in mind?

Maybe some others could chip in with ideas as well.

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