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Default Bad Timing On My Part

Last month I shelled out $125 for Kenny Gioia REAPER videos from Groove3. I'm digging into the 111 individual lessons to really be able to improve my facility with the program. Unfortunately, a great deal of the "button-ology" has changed in REAPER 5, so I can't really follow along with Kenny and use the information in my recording. For examples, we now have track knobs instead of sliders, access to automation/envelopes is through a different path, and those screens have changed quite a bit. The concepts are basically the same, the program has a lot of new menus, screens, and controls that don't line up with the 4.0 way of doing things. I've downloaded the 5.0 manual and ordered a paper copy, but now it's a "compare the guides" drill to learn/re-learn it all. Guess I should have held off on the videos - my bad. Live and learn...
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