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Originally Posted by Hartley Mays View Post

I'll echo the thanks for your work on the guide.

It probably reveals my age, but I want to mention that I got an error trying to print the new guide after opening it in Adobe Acr****. It occurred around page 18. I tried skipping that page but got similar errors on a couple of subsequent pages. I've printed the 4.x guides with no problem.

Also a quick question: Is the Hulu bound guide updated as new editions of the manual are done with subsequent 5 upgrades? In particular, I'm thinking whether to wait for the score editor before buying it.

Hi Hartley, sorry I can't help you with Acr****. You could try one of the various free PDF progs instead (like Foxit), see if that works. All I can say is it seems to print OK here ... weird you should get probs at page 18 (if you're talking about the full guide), that one is intentionally blank!

And, yes, the guide will be regularly updated for 5.xx, same as in the past. Sorry I don't know how long you'll have to wait for the score editor though!
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