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Interesting subject. I think making music and recording it well is a delicate balance between many things: playing chops, creative motivation, engineering ability in tracking, then in mixing, group dynamics of a band (whoa!), and practical management of the whole process.

Vinicius, from your description it sounds like you're naturally smart about this. Trust your instincts.

Some musicians can do individual multitracking really well, others not. Sometimes the one-track-at-a-time approach ends up with performances that, though recorded at very high fidelity, are expressively sterile or worse, sterile and rhythmically off. The vibe of people playing together in the same room at the same time can't always be created artificially. Classical ensembles come to mind. You wouldn't be able to find a good string quartet that would record their parts separately, as the live dynamic between the players - the music happening in the moment - has to be there for them to play expressively and balance their ensemble sound.

Best of luck to you. Your band is lucky to have you!
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