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Originally Posted by morgon View Post
The posters here, sounds to me like the other band members don't deserve you. Leaving the hard work to you then dooming the project by not having the decency to show up. I know you guys, every outfit needs someone to organize such things, the least the others could do is appreciate it by showing up and doing their bit. Sorry, it all comes flooding back at times. Fin rant.
Well, sometimes I do get angry because of it. It's really frustrating to spend my time learning, getting better on recording, and then not being able to finish something because of others... but I'm used to it. And too much engaged in making music with those guys (who are great persons AND great musicians) to give up. Maybe it's the lack of an outside producer that make them act like that, but I like production too much and want to learn more, and using my band as a laboratory is the best way (or at least the less dangerous), I think... so I keep on trying!
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