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Originally Posted by themixtape View Post
No prob, glad you found it helpful.

You can't midi-map the Group buttons in MIDI Controller Mode. That's why I mapped the others. Plus, I like the vertical layout, as it's just like Reaper's tracks.
You can map the Group buttons if you want. The trade-off is that you lose the ability to have "pages" of pads (which is what the Groups buttons control by default - they're set up to span the octaves). You just have to disable the "Pad pages" in the Controller Editor. The Group buttons then become normal, assignable buttons like all the other buttons.

I didn't come here to correct you though! I found the thread through the repost on the Reaper Blog and was just intrigued by what you meant by "time-stretched looping" (in the opening to your OP). Were you just referring to individual audio items in REAPER when the transport loop is enabled?

Also, just wondering really, why do you find it so much better to use Maschine the way that you explain? To me, using MIDI mode to play Maschine as standard practice is a little counter-intuitive, especially as it seems you're setting up MIDI mode to essentially mirror the Maschine (control mode) pads.

However, with the easy access to the volume etc. for tracks will be preferable to some. There are just so many different ways to use this stuff together! It boggles the mind sometimes. I have different needs and purposes though, so I have the audio of each Group routed to different tracks in REAPER on which I put all Group effects that I control with MIDI mode and a Nanokontrol. I actually use the Group buttons to select the Groups/tracks, which the knobs and buttons in MIDI mode control the effects for e.g., in MIDI mode, press Group button A, the knobs and buttons control the effects on the track that Group A's audio is routed to.

Anyway, I've talked enough, sorry. Interesting to see how different people use Maschine, especially inside REAPER, though.
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