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Default Scratchin' My Head

Okay, I am not a beginner and not an expert. I'm having issues trying to get my MIDI going. I'm using a M-Audio MIDISPORT 1x1 interface with a Roland electronic Piano that is not new enough to have a USB MIDI out (hence the need for the interface). I'm a little clueless as to why I'm getting MIDI info into REAPER, but not back through the keyboard. I've got the hardware connected properly. I show MIDI graphics recorded as a MIDI track on REAPER, but am not getting sound out of the keyboard when I playback. Any ideas? I'm using REAPER for the first time and would love to be able to purchase a license if this works out as I'm using it in my role as a public school music teacher. Thanks for anything that helps me see what I'm clearly missing!!
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